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Tricia Wake, the esteemed owner of Focas Salon, initiated her illustrious hairstyling journey in 1982, fueled by a commitment to unparalleled education and skill mastery. Her pursuit of excellence led her to collaborate with industry pioneers like Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy. Tricia’s rich expertise and dedication to quality set the standard for excellence at Focas Salon.



Maria, a foundational pillar and integral part of Focas Salon since its inception, has ascended the professional ladder to become a national educator for Davines, the premium designer product line originating from Parma, Italy. Experience unparalleled transformation and witness the distinctive touch that Maria brings to every styling endeavor. Her comprehensive approach ensures a unique and personalized experience for every client.



Skyler is more than just a hairstylist; she excels in crafting effortlessly manageable looks that accentuate each client’s distinct beauty.

Her dedication to clients and prowess in concocting custom-blended colors transform every appointment with her into a memorable experience, leaving clients longing for the next one. Every encounter with Skyler is a step toward discovering your unique aesthetic appeal.



Renee, known for her warm, caring nature and delicate touch, radiates natural talent in the realm of hairstyling. She is unwaveringly committed to refining her skills and consistently seeks out the newest and most advanced training opportunities available in the field. Renee’s devotion to her craft and her innate ability to nurture translate to a soothing and revitalizing experience for every client, making each appointment a journey of transformation and renewal



Jackie believes in mastering the art of hairstyles down to the last detail, ensuring each cut and color is crafted to perfection to complement your unique attributes and hair type. An adept of the latest trends, she not only knows them but executes them with precision to accentuate your personal style. In Jackie’s skilled hands at Focas Salon, every hair style becomes a masterpiece, tailored distinctly for you, enhancing your individual charm and appeal.



Gina attributes a comprehensive consultation as a pivotal element to her success. With her amiable and welcoming demeanor, discovering your hair aspirations becomes a delightful conversation. She combines creativity and precision, eager to listen to your visions or assist in uncovering the optimal style to enhance your beauty. At Focas Salon, Gina delivers exceptional professionalism coupled with genuine care, thriving on the joy her work brings to her clients. Every interaction with her is an exploration in elevating your beauty and happiness.



Lo finds immense joy in her passion for ensuring every client leaves feeling cherished, pampered, and radiant. Her commitment to client satisfaction has garnered her a favorite status among many who have remained loyal over the years. Lo’s consistent vivacious personality shines equally as bright as her exceptional skill in crafting creative colors and personalized cuts, each imbued with a touch of glamour.



Dominique’s enthusiasm and passion for hair styling are effervescent, and her extensive experience in the industry only amplifies her zeal. She infuses creativity into every style, coupled with a practical understanding of everyday life necessities, always aiming to create versatile looks that clients can easily replicate at home. Whether you desire a classic, trendy, chic, or funky look, or seek Dominique’s expert opinion on what suits you best, she’s thrilled to bring your vision to life.



Emily’s mission is to ensure every guest enjoys a wonderful salon experience and leaves with dazzling results. Clients are treated to her undivided attention and refined artistry, making every session with her truly special. If your hair is giving you troubles or you’re not happy with its current condition, Emily is your go-to source for advice, techniques, treatments, and products that will reignite your love for your locks. At Focas Salon, she is a beacon of hair care wisdom, guiding clients to a newfound appreciation for their hair.



Hannah excels at preserving your favored style but possesses a contemporary eye for introducing innovative elements or crafting entirely new looks. Her knack for asking insightful questions ensures a relaxed client experience and precise results. She creates exquisite up-dos that epitomize beauty and elegance.

the contentment in Hannah’s clients is evident as they exit the salon radiating style and gloss, and with an added spring in their step. It’s through her detailed approach and artistic flair that clients experience a rejuvenated sense of confidence and style.



With her vibrant and friendly demeanor, Kat makes every client feel like a priority, ensuring a personalized and delightful experience. Armed with years of experience and a meticulous consultation process, she operates with confidence to realize the optimal vision for each individual. Kat’s passion for hairstyling fuels her creativity and open-mindedness, guaranteeing every client leaves feeling and looking exceptional.

Specializing in precise classic cuts and the latest trends tailored for effortless upkeep, Kat has cultivated her a devoted clientele



Madison embraces the bold and transformative, capable of evolving your look gradually or crafting a dramatic change swiftly. Whether it’s the vibrant hues of firefly red or the ethereal shades of platinum blonde, your dream color comes to life in Madison’s chair, always prioritizing the health of your hair. If the inspiration you bring doesn’t align with your hair type or complexion, rest assured, Madison will guide you through all available alternatives and assist in determining the most flattering option for you. At Focas Salon, Madison’s expertise ensures a harmonious balance between your aspirations and your natural beauty.I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.



Every hair type can be gorgeous, stronger, healthier, and Abby will see to it that you experience the best your hair can be. She’ll analyze your hair and scalp, recommending effective treatments that bring outstanding results.

While she takes her profession seriously, there’s really nothing like Abby’s positive and fun-loving approach. Her clients not only love their hairstyle, they love spending time with Abby.

Abby is a champ when it comes to client consultation, clearly communicating each step and making sure your confident in at-home care and styling options.



There’s nothing like the relaxation and pure bliss you’ll feel when Genevieve massages your scalp.

An articulate and gifted communicator, Genevieve knows the right questions to ask to draw out your needs and preferences.

Genevieve has the gift of executing styles from funky to sophisticated. There’s really nothing she can’t do.



Kelsey’s sweet demeanor is matched only by her formidable talent at Focas Salon. Her priority is your happiness and satisfaction, making every interaction a delightful experience. Though proficient in the trendiest styles, Kelsey emphasizes creating looks that are the perfect fit for you, respecting and prioritizing your preferences to fulfill every wish on your style list.

When you book with Kelsey, you’ll experience her authentic care and attention from the initial consultation to the beautiful final result, leaving you feeling cherished and looking fabulous.



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